October 31, 2023

Xahau Sidechain Audit: Security Findings and XRPL Integration

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XRP Ledger’s Xahau Sidechain has recently undergone a thorough audit of its codebase. The audit, conducted by FYEO, one of Xahau’s initial Governance Game Validator Seats and Security partners, aimed to assess the security exposure and internal risks of the Xahau Sidechain.

Xahau Sidechain Audit: Security Findings and XRPL Integration

Audit Findings

The security review process took place from October 01 to October 27 and had three specific objectives:

  1. Assess the security exposure of Xahau Sidechain
  2. Evaluate the maturity and adequacy of the security measures in place
  3. Identify issues and provide improvement recommendations

According to FYEO, the audit revealed the following findings:

  • 1 security risk with a High severity rating
  • 4 findings with Medium severity ratings
  • 2 findings with Low severity ratings
  • 7 findings with Informational severity ratings

FYEO commended the proactive response of the XRPL Labs team, who promptly addressed all the identified issues on the Xahau Sidechain codebase. XRPL Labs confirmed that the audit covered various aspects of Xahau Sidechain, including Hooks, the burn-to-mint feature, and governance game hooks.

Xahau Sidechain and XRPL

Contrary to recent claims made by some members of the XRP community, the launch of Xahau Sidechain does not signify the abandonment of the XRPL by its developers. XRPL Labs founder @WietseWind clarified that the team will continue to contribute to the XRPL even after the launch of Xahau Sidechain. The introduction of Xahau Sidechain is expected to bring significant advancements to the broader XRP ecosystem.


The completion of the comprehensive audit of Xahau Sidechain marks an important milestone towards its mainnet launch. The audit successfully addressed crucial security concerns, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the Xahau Sidechain. With the legal victory of XRP and Ripple Labs against the US SEC, the XRPL's potential to drive the adoption of the coin through the development of new DApps is gaining momentum. The progress of Xahau Sidechain further accelerates these positive ambitions, promising faster achievement of the ecosystem's goals.

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